About Craving Life ~ A Journey in Self-Care

How did this blog come about?

This is My Story

My name is Annette and I am the founder and chief blogger of Craving Life. Craving Life captures snapshots of my journey in self-care.

What does this blog offer? In it I share my research, recipes, foods, insights, and successes that I have achieved on this journey.


Let’s start with successes. 🙂 As of March 2013 I have lost over 40 pounds. Sounds pretty awesome, right? This journey in the last 2 years has not been smooth sailing — a major career change, the unexpected death of our cat Windy, 2 weddings, and the passing of a close friend. Now add holidays, parties, vacations, family events, and starting a new career to the mix.

It has been your typical crazy life, yet not only have I lost 40 pounds, I have kept this weight off.

How Do I Do It?

Well it was and it still is awesome. However, it is by no means a miracle. How did I lose the weight and maintain my weight loss? I did it and am still doing it by making healthier lifestyle changes in my eating patterns.

I don’t do diets, and I definitely am not about sacrifice. I started the journey by making a daily commitment to making healthier choices. In order to make healthier choices I needed to become better informed and add to my current selection of choices.

People keep on asking me how I do it, requesting my recipes, telling me that I should tell my story ~  and that is how the idea for Craving Life came into being.

What is the Focus of Craving Life?

Craving Life is not just focused on weight loss; even though that was the benefit that I got. It is about healthier eating and cooking – yet is still warm and inviting for family and friends. I encompass cancer-fighting foods and fiber-rich foods as well because of hereditary risks in my family. I have friends that are gluten-intolerant  and celiac and so I do recipes and meals that are gluten-free. I do vegetarian dishes as well because my niece and some friends are vegetarian. I love entertaining and having the opportunity to cater to people’s likes and dietary needs.

Through Craving Life I share the things that have I have explored and developed that have helped me on my journey:

  • Research on various foods, their benefits, and ways I have incorporated them into my life
  • Recipes that taste great and have a healthy twist to them. Some are old favorites, newly found gems, and recipes I have developed through experimentation.
  • Healthier product choices available in the food market today choices and product comparisons
  • Meal ideas that are quick and healthy whether it is “fright night”, “manic mornings”, or some other crazy reason.
  • Also meals ideas for special occasions such as date-night.

I love hearing the words “This is so delicious! OMG, I cannot believe that this is healthier!”

Enjoy! 🙂


Chief Blogger



Photo of Annette by Robin Andrew of:

Unposed Photography
Windy (left) and her sister Stormy (right)

Windy (left) and her sister Stormy (right)

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