Craving Life ~ Smoothie Snob

Are you or were you ever a smoothie snob? I was.

“Eww! Drinking my meal?! I still have my teeth and can chew food, thank you very much!” were my immediate thoughts with visions of Ensure immediately popping into my head. I have to laugh at myself now. Now how snobbish is that!

Friends and family have jumped on the fruit and veggie smoothies and juicers ~ and seem to be loving it. What really made me take notice, however, were smoothie packages showing up in the frozen fruit section at grocery stores and Costco.

One of the guiding principles for Craving Life is about adding healthier & tasty choices to the list of options for meals, snacks, drinks and desserts. In order to do that I must be willing to Think and Eat Outside the Box.

Time for me to start experimenting outside the box.

I started with a Magic Bullet that I paid around $40 for. I wanted to create a very simple recipe with things I typically have on hand, so the choices were easy. Half a cup of skim milk, one serving of frozen raspberries, and half-a-scoop of my favorite protein beverage mix and Voila!! What I ended up with was a simple yet delicious smoothie ~ aptly named Keep It Simple Smoothie.

With one success already, I could not wait to try another. A light bulb goes off! Spinach! Supposedly it does not alter the taste when added to smoothies. Hence the creation of Popeye’s Kiss and yes, I cannot notice the spinach.

When I create smoothies I use frozen products and quite often end up with a semi-soft consistency like Dairy Queen soft ice cream.  This got me thinking about dessert and chocolate and I am sure you guessed it… the Chocolate Kiss was born.

These ingredient lists are guidelines. Use a vanilla or berry flavored protein beverage mix if that is what you enjoy. The key I found is using a protein beverage mix that has a very smooth consistency, not grainy, when mixed with liquids.



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