Craving Life ~ Savings

Right now I am fortunate enough to be able to make available SmartSource Canada online coupons. SmartSource Canada advertises product lines such as P&G, Astro, Newman’s Own, Fleishmann’s, Dairyland, to name just a few. These coupons are different than the ones you receive in a SmartSource Canada flyer insert in your local newspapers.

To get access to the coupons there is a new item at the top of the Craving Life page where you, the viewer, can click to enjoy these coupon savings. See the word $-Saving-$ highlighted with a bright pink circle and an arrow pointing to the circle in the diagram below:

Craving Life ~ Savings

Craving Life ~ Saving

New coupons come out daily Monday to Friday. As well, when an advertised coupon hits their maximum print limit they will disappear suddenly so if you are interested in a coupon click and print while the coupon is available.

Do I make money when someone prints the coupon from this? The answer is “yes”. The money I make through internet advertising goes to support the cost of this blog, which is why you see ads on the website pages and these coupon offers. Some specialty blogs request money from their viewers. I will not do that. This blog is my passion and my passion I freely share.  You, the viewer, get to benefit from Craving Life and the posts on healthier eating & cooking that help support a healthier lifestyle as well as any savings you decide to take advantage of from these coupon offers.


   Start $-Saving-$  

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