PC Cabbage RollsImageAm I the only one that has nights where you just do not want to cook? Where I don’t even have the mental energy to come up with a plan. Or things go so crazy at work that at the end of the day I don’t have time to shop for much less cook a meal.

These I call Fright Nights. And for these times I have a list of fallback items that I rely on and they pass muster on my healthier criteria. I know that if I do delivery or eat out instead of at home I will order something that I will probably regret. These nights are quite often my food binge triggers so I rely on healthier comfort food as a way to stave off a binge-attack.

Frozen cabbage rolls are one of my heroes ~ and they make my Craving Comfort List. Why?

  • My husband and I both like them so no one is unhappy.
  • Tasty! I love tomato sauce and with the cabbage, rice and ground beef, this combo of ingredients is a home run in my books.
  • Cabbage rolls are a comfort food to me.  Given that it is Fright Night (which is typically preceded by a frightful day), I need all the comfort I can get.
  • Cabbage rolls is not a dish that I have ever wanted to try to make at home so the only way I get them is to buy them.
    • My culinary addition? 😉 Put out the chili flakes on the table.

I did a comparison of President’s Choice and M&M Meat Shops cabbage rolls, both of which I typically buy as I like the taste and their cabbage is tender, not tough. Comparing between the 2 (assuming you ate the same quantity in grams) PC was:

  • 37% lower in Calories
  • 37% lower in Fat
  • 32% lower in Carbohydrates
  • 29% lower in Sodium
  • 25% higher in Fibre
  • 22% lower in Sugar

I was quite surprised! Where M&M’s scored on more positive than PC was that it was 16% lower in Cholesterol and 37% higher in Protein.

I really did not have a particular favorite as I wrote this post, however, when I now look at the numbers, I know what brand I’ll pick up the next time I decide that it is time for cabbage rolls ~ President’s Choice. PC scores higher on my healthier scorecard so is the next one I will buy.

I included the nutrition fact for PC Cabbage Rolls for a big helping of 2 cabbage rolls. Filling, comforting, and tasty ~ perfect for my Fright Night! 😀

Craving Life ~ Cabbage Rolls ~ Nutrition

Just because Cabbage Rolls are on my Craving Comfort List, does not mean that they will make yours.  The question that pops to mind is:

Do you have a Craving Comfort List and is it due for an update? 

The very best!

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