Craving Life ~ Fiber and the Fig
While researching fiber-rich foods I came across the fig and my mind jumped to the fig newton  – the cookie, which I never really cared as a child. Immediately dispelling my old thinking I decided to explore this somewhat alien-looking (to me) fruit.

When I saw the statistical data my interest was stirred even more.

Figs Nutrition 35-xIn comparison to the dried date the dried fig is higher in fiber, protein, lower in sugar and lower in calories. It boasts high Calcium, Iron, and Magnesium scores. Potassium scores high as well, yet in this statistics, the dried date is not far behind. Figs are a good food source for combating bad estrogen as well.

The types of figs I have come across are mission figs and the common figs. Mission figs are almost black, and have a stronger taste to them. The mission figs remind me of molasses. My preference is the common fig, however YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary).

Once I educated myself on what to look for, I now can spot figs in grocery and produce stores.

So if you have been using dates as a source of fiber, then also consider figs as a source.


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