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Did you see the post on No Mess Bacon?  I chuckled as I imagined some peoples’ reaction: “What !?!? Bacon on a healthier eating & cooking blog?”

I love the taste of bacon. So as long as I don’t gobble down half of a package (6-8 slices), I am going to keep bacon on the menu. It’s a protein, albeit a high fat protein.  Yet the flavor that one slice of bacon in my crust-less Broccoli and Bacon quiche takes the dish from good to great.

I have tried turkey bacon and so far I have found nothing that compares to the real thing. If you have found an alternative that you are happy with; awesome! Go ahead and substitute it wherever you find recipes for bacon. Myself, right now I am sticking to the original.

On occasion I do use bacon bits that come from bacon manufacturers and I find that they are pretty good. I read the package ingredients to ensure I don’t see the words “simulated”.

To set it into perspective, 1 slice of bacon (equivalent to 1 Tbsp or 8 grams) has the following nutritional statistics displayed in the diagram.

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Eat a 1/2 a package of bacon (1/2 pound or 225 g before cooking) which is the equivalent of 8 slices, you are consuming 40% of the recommended total daily Fat intake, 40% Saturated Fat (also known as the bad fat), 24% Cholesterol, and 56% Sodium. Lots of negatives for having a bacon feast. The only good number that I spotted is 352 mg of Potassium ~ however,  can its benefits can even compete against all the other factors?

In this case, I am going to quote the old adage “You are what you eat.” 😉


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