Craving Life ~ Breaded Chicken Breast

I have a busy life so I do not have the time to make every meal from scratch. Sound familiar? As a result I am constantly on the look-out for tasty healthy meal choices in prepared products.

So I was quite ecstatic to find a frozen breaded chicken breast product that received high marks from two of my favorite food critics:

  • my husband whose major criteria for food is that it taste good
  • my nephew who is very well-informed on food and is focused on a high protein low fat diet

Yay! With 200 calories per 113 g serving, I get real chicken breast (not some minced meat moulded to look like a chicken breast), that is juicy and  crispy. This particular one has 15 g of protein with just 9 g of fat; this is pretty darn good. As I have come to expect in processed food, the sodium is medium-high at 720 mg in my books. I am not going to eat them every day so for myself this is acceptable. These particular ones I found at M&M Meat Shops in Canada. We have had both their Breaded Chicken Breasts – Original (PLU 272) and their Breaded Chicken Breasts – Spicy (PLU 273) a number of times and they have been consistently good.

What I also like is that I can do them in the oven or on the barbeque from frozen state. Perfect for cottage meals. 🙂

TRICK! A trick I do in the oven is put them on a roasting rack with a pan underneath rather than on a baking tray as the instructions suggest. This way I do not need to turn the breasts mid-way through. (As shown in the photo above.)

Craving Life ~ Breaded Chicken Breast MealToss together a favorite salad, buns, toppings and I can have a meal together in 30 minutes. Here is a photo of a meal we had: Monterey jack chipotle chicken breast on a thin bun with a side salad.

By the way, I noticed that M&M Meat Shops has a Gluten-free variety. If anyone has tried them, please comment below and let us all know how they were.


P.S. No, M&M Meat Shops are not a direct sponsor of Craving Life.

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