Craving Life ~ New Relationship with Carbs

On the first day of my journey to eat and cook healthier, I knew that I needed to take a detailed look at my current eating patterns. It wasn’t that I was eating bad foods per se, it was that I was eating a bad balance of foods, given my “computer potato” job.So I held up the magnifying glass. No, not in a harsh way, more of in a an accepting way.

I grew up in a basic meat and potatoes family – with an emphasis on the potatoes. And we had homemade bread every day. My Mom made 8 loaves of bread at a time and she was an amazing baker – pies, cakes, cookies!

Where am I going with this? When I looked at my eating patterns of today I could see that it was carbohydrate-centric and I needed to change that.

Research proves that of the food sources, your body converts carbohydrates the quickest into fat. This surprised me as I expected fat to be the fastest.

Many foods contain carbohydrates including fruits, vegetable, legumes, to name a few. My focus was not eliminating all carbs, just removing the more unhealthy ones that were a part of my core eating habits ~ or finding healthier choices.

So, I officially made a pact with myself that I would now consider certain carbs a as treat, not as a staple at meals. This meant that it was NOT the first thing on my plate, and that at times it would not show up on my plate at all. More specifically: potatoes, breads, pies, chips, and things that use flour as their main ingredient – like pasta. Rice was also on my list.

This was the very beginning of my journey back in March 2013, and I remember feeling energized; it felt right for me. I was ready to start changing my eating patterns of a lifetime and create new pathways.

So ask yourself: What is your relationship with carbs? Is it unbalanced like mine was or just off the rocker every once and a while? If you are not sure, monitor your eating pattern for a few days ~ it can be a real eye-opener! 😯

Carbs as a Treat

When asked to bring mashed potatoes to a holiday dinner I went looking for ways to make this dish healthier without sacrificing taste. Doing research I combined a couple of techniques to come up with this recipe for Red Skin Garlic Mashed Potatoes

I grew up with mashed potatoes being part of a turkey dinner and I still choose to have mashed potatoes on roast turkey days. Now however when I fill my plate, I put the turkey on first (protein), pile on the veggies, and last is a small helping of mashed potatoes with turkey gravy.  Then I politely say “No thanks.” to the white dinner roll.

Enjoy! 🙂

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