Craving Life ~ You are Beautiful

Two years ago when I made the commitment to this journey in self-care, I knew I needed to start working on my own belief system. As mentioned before, I don’t do sacrifice and negative feedback demotivates me. And guess who my worse critic is? ME! (Does this sound like you?)

This is where I needed to change my negative feedback to constructive feedback from the get-go. This takes practice because old patterns are hard to change. As far as I am concerned, fake it until you make it is perfectly acceptable. So even if I am having a day where I do not feel beautiful, I fake it. I shower, take extra time with my hair and makeup. I pick a favorite top to wear. I suit up and show up.

And guess what? I started feeling better about myself, even with the extra weight. I started being kinder to myself. And people started to notice and compliment me.

So remind yourself that you are beautiful exactly as you are. You might surprise yourself when you start to hum the words “I feel pretty, oh so pretty…” .

Need some more inspiration? Here’s a link to video to help you laugh with yourself and inspire  you to believe the words  “I feel Pretty“!

Have a Beautiful Day!


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