I Love Ice Cream?

I Love Ice Cream?

Craving Life Ice Cream versus Frozen Yogurt

I still can clearly recall when I was 5 years old walking down to the general store and someone buying me an ice cream. You know the ones in the little plastic container with the paper lid that you pull off and eat the ice cream with a wooden spoon? YUM!

When frozen yogurt first came out I was excited! Much to my dismay, it was typically granular with ice particles and could not compete with real ice cream. Fortunately today that story has changed.

My favorite is Chapman’s. Their frozen yogurt is so creamy and tasty that I am never going back to ice cream. I love Chapman’s Vanilla with Chocolate Chunks and Caramel Frozen Yogurt — it just sets my taste buds a tingling. Drool! ūüôā They do an excellent job with their vanilla frozen yogurt, and it is the one I use when I want to serve a dessert to guests.

Chapman’s also makes ice cream so I decided that it was only fair to do a comparison of their products. Their frozen yogurt is 17% – 38% lower in calories which translates to less fat content and less cholesterol. It was interesting to note in this comparison that the Sodium content increased.

Chapmans Comparison

Unfortunately Chapman’s is only available in Canada. You may need to do some hunting and taste testing to find a good frozen yogurt in your market area, however, don’t despair. The hunt is definitely worth the wait… and the taste!


Fiber Rich Tortillas – Ole!

Fiber Rich Tortillas – Ole!

Craving Life La Tortilla Factory Fiber Rich Tortilla

I love soft flour tortillas! So when I made the commitment to change my relationship with carbohydrates (discussed in the blog post Developing a New Relationship with Carbs) this is one item that I initially struggled with. Eating healthier is about choices, not sacrifice.  I did not want to eliminate tortillas because how could I miss out on Chicken Quesadillas and Beef Fajitas.  So I went searching for a healthier tortilla.

Typical basic 7″ white flour tortillas are in the order of 80-100 calories,¬†1 gram of fiber and 2-4 grams of protein. Health-wise, I would say that is really not that bad.

LaTortilla FactoryYet there is one tortilla that I have found so far that beats the competition: La Tortilla Factory Fibre Rich tortillas. At 70 calories for one tortilla, they lead the competition. At 5 grams of protein, they pull ahead even more. At 8 grams of Fibre, they leave the field very far behind.

Where to get them? In the US they are supposedly distributed nationwide. In Ontario, Canada, I have found them at Sobeys and at local healthfood stores.

LatortillaFactoryDataFrom a taste perspective I find them just as tasty as any other brand. From a healthier eating perspective, as Tony the Tiger would say: “They’re GREAT!” More expensive? About $1 more at the grocery store. For me, my health is worth it!


Just as an aside, when doing Mexican I now make the Black Bean Mango Salsa recipe or a side salad and skip the Mexican rice to cut back on the carbs.



Not Just Bubbles

Not Just Bubbles

Craving Life Club Soda Review

When people think about eating healthier they also look at what they are drinking. Many people, my husband included, make the switch to club soda. No calories, no artificial sweeteners, no flavourings, clear and refreshing. Right?  No, not quite.

Club soda is not just about bubbles. Read the label of any standard club soda can and you will see 4% sodium. Surprised? If you are just having a can once in a while you probably aren’t concerned. If you have a heart condition or high blood pressure then take note.¬†If you are drinking them daily as your 6-8 glasses of water equivalent (approximately¬†five 355 ml cans) then you are looking at upwards to 20% of your recommended daily intake in sodium. When I did this math I immediately switched to Low Sodium club soda.

Wait! Before you jump up and run off to the store, be aware that there are marketing interpretations of what Low Sodium is. In Canada some of the generic brands (such as PC and Selection) Low Sodium Club Soda products have 1% sodium. However, I was surprised to read name brands that labelled 2% sodium as Low Sodium Club Soda.  In my eyes, this is a significant enough of a difference to sway my buying decision.

As always is the case, it is “Buyer Beware!”.

This Buyer only buys generic low sodium club soda at 1% sodium for her hubby. Considering that the generic brand is typically more than half the price of the name brands, my pocket book is happy as well.

Take care!

Craving Life has over 1000 Facebook Likes!

Craving Life has over 1000 Facebook Likes!

Craving Life 1000 Facebook Likes

Thanks to everyone’s huge support, Craving Life now has over 1000 Facebook Likes. Yay! ūüėÄ

This definitely demonstrates that Craving Life is what many people want; finding ways to eat and cook healthier.

Thanks all!

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