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Craving Life

Craving a healthier lifestyle and doing something about it! 🙂

Grilled Pineapple with a Twist

Last summer we had a large gathering at our cottage and I wanted to serve a dessert that was easy to prepare and serve, yet unique. I had tried my hand at grilled pineapple served with vanilla frozen yogurt the month before so it was at the top of my list. Many of the... read more

I Love Ice Cream?

I still can clearly recall when I was 5 years old walking down to the general store and someone buying me an ice cream. You know the ones in the little plastic container with the paper lid that you pull off and eat the ice cream with a wooden spoon? YUM! When frozen... read more

Fiber Rich Tortillas – Ole!

I love soft flour tortillas! So when I made the commitment to change my relationship with carbohydrates (discussed in the blog post Developing a New Relationship with Carbs) this is one item that I initially struggled with. Eating healthier is about choices, not... read more

Not Just Bubbles

When people think about eating healthier they also look at what they are drinking. Many people, my husband included, make the switch to club soda. No calories, no artificial sweeteners, no flavourings, clear and refreshing. Right?  No, not quite. Club soda is not just... read more

Cajun Spiced Salmon

Quick, easy, and delish! I believe the image above says it all! 😀 Lately some of the grocery stores have been selling salmon fillet portions that weigh 113 g, with the skin removed. This makes them simple to prepare and even simpler to take for lunch to the office the... read more

Craving Cajun Seasoning Mix

For years I have been cooking Louisiana-style food, thanks to a friend who gifted us a cookbook. So much so that over time I have developed my own seasoning mix that I use for much more than just Cajun and Creole cooking. I use it in both my  Chicken Quesadillas and... read more

Craving Life has over 1000 Facebook Likes!

Thanks to everyone’s huge support, Craving Life now has over 1000 Facebook Likes. Yay! 😀 This definitely demonstrates that Craving Life is what many people want; finding ways to eat and cook healthier. Thanks all!... read more


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