Craving Life ~ Kid Approved Smoothie

I wanted to make an all-natural smoothie for those that may not want to use protein powder. Given that it needed to be a vibrant Craving Life Irish green this simplified the decision process.Craving Life ~ All-Natural Irish Kiss

All in all, it was very straightforward to create an All-Natural Irish Kiss (Keep  It Simple  Smoothie).

A friend’s son help vet the testing process. He liked the first experiment, yet I wanted it smoother so the recipe below is the second prototype.

Did I say prototype? Absolutely! As far as I am concerned, every smoothie recipe I make now is a new blend or recipe. I throw in whatever I have in approximately the same ratios as listed in the recipes, and VOILA!, I have a new variation.

For myself, the all-natural is an amazing pick-me-up after working all day; the taste is so vibrant and revitalizing.  For those that end up drinking green beer until all hours, this may be just what the doctor prescribes to get you moving tomorrow morning. 😉



All-Natural Irish Kiss
Prep time
Total time
I found that the half-banana helped add smoothness and body to the smoothie.
Serves: 1 serving
  • ¾ cup water
  • 68 g (1½ cup) fresh spinach
  • 140 g (1 cup) mango, cubed
  • 90 g (1/2 cup) kiwis (2 smallish fruit)
  • 50 g (1/2 of a small) banana
  1. Put water and spinach in a blender, juicer, or bullet-type blending machine and blend until smooth.
  2. Add mango cubes, kiwi and banana and blend until smooth.
  3. Chill if preferred and enjoy!
Vitamin A: 151% Vitamin C: 243% Calcium: 11% Iron: 13%
High in Manganese, Magnesium, & Potassium
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 526 g Calories: 205 Fat: 0.9 g Trans fat: 0.0 g Carbohydrates: 50.6 mg Sugar: 29.4 g Sodium: 62 mg Fiber: 8.0 g Protein: 4.8 g Cholesterol: 0 mg


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