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Craving Life Tips & Tricks

Food preparation & cooking suggestions.

Fast and Juicy Breaded Chicken Breasts

I have a busy life so I do not have the time to make every meal from scratch. Sound familiar? As a result I am constantly on the look-out for tasty healthy meal choices in prepared products. So I was quite ecstatic to find a frozen breaded chicken breast product that... read more

Snack Attack – Protein on the Go

Protein bars are one of my go-to snack choices when I am on the go or need something in the middle of the day to help energize me and get rid of the munchies. I am interested in maintaining as well as losing more weight, so I target roughly a 1200 to 1500 daily... read more

Toasting or Roasting Flaxseeds

Roasting or toasting flaxseeds not only adds a nutty flavor to the flaxseed, it helps break the hard outer shell, making the inner nutrients accessible for our bodies to absorb; otherwise the seeds pass though our digestive system as insoluble fiber.  High in omega-3... read more

Kitchen Scale? Priceless

If you do not have kitchen scales, I strongly suggest that you run to the store and get them. And get the kind that you know will be easy to get access to so you will actually use them. No, not like me. We have the large clunker kind that is stuffed in a cupboard. It... read more

Browning Meats for Stews

I love stews. I really do. However, many times in the past I would not make a stew because I disliked the initial stages of the stew process; dusting the cubes with flour and then browning them in batches in hot oil in a fry pan. Invariably more oil or butter would be... read more

No Mess Bacon

I find that this method is the simplest and the least-messiest (if that’s a word 😉 ) way to prepare bacon. No grease splatters all over the stove so no big cleanup. Some people do it in the microwave with great success. For myself, I typically do the entire... read more


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