Craving Life Kitchen Scales

If you do not have kitchen scales, I strongly suggest that you run to the store and get them. And get the kind that you know will be easy to get access to so you will actually use them.

No, not like me. We have the large clunker kind that is stuffed in a cupboard. It may be pretty with all the chrome, a big dial, and a 6-inch chrome dish on top. But unless you are willing to leave it out sitting on the countertop (which we are not because both of us love having an empty countertop), then it is going to collect dust.

For myself I decided I wanted the real slim kitchen scale with the Tare feature (explained in a bit).  After I had convinced my husband that I really did want new kitchen scales for Christmas (“We already have kitchen scales.” Sound familiar? 😉 ), I get the unexpected phone call:

Him: “I’m in the hardware store and they have an assortment of scales. There is a slim version has the Tare feature. You get to choose between purple or army green. On for half-price. What color do you want?”
Me:    “Purple, please.” 😀

At this point he has just gained a ton of brownie points. He is shopping at Christmas time and he does NOT like shopping, to put it mildly; and I am getting what I want. Yippee!!

I just LOVE them. It has made cooking so much easier. I can weigh flours and other products that can compact instead of measuring, which gives me a 10% increase in accuracy. When making  stews, accuracy goes out the window. When baking however, it is the tool I need to guarantee a consistently good result.

About the Tare feature.  This allows me to use my own dishes on the scales. Rather than me doing all the math to subtract the weight of the dish, it does it for me. Putting my empty bowl on the scale and then pressing the Tare button (which is labeled ‘Zero’ on my scale) resets the displayed weight on the scale to zero and I can now measure out my ingredient. I can also measure multiple ingredients into the same bowl.  Put my empty bowl on the scale, press Tare and reset to Zero, add my first ingredient, press Tare and reset to Zero, add next ingredient, and repeat.

I could rave endlessly about how priceless these kitchen scales are to me but there are certain things you need to find out for yourself. Just get the type you will use, not stuff into a cupboard.

My scales are made by Starfrit. I have had them for 2 years and so far the only thing that went was the battery which was an easy and inexpensive fix. The color doesn’t quite go with the kitchen colors, however, it is so slim that I have it tucked away in a close location and pull it out… daily.

Happy cooking!


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