Craving Life La Tortilla Factory Fiber Rich Tortilla

I love soft flour tortillas! So when I made the commitment to change my relationship with carbohydrates (discussed in the blog post Developing a New Relationship with Carbs) this is one item that I initially struggled with. Eating healthier is about choices, not sacrifice.  I did not want to eliminate tortillas because how could I miss out on Chicken Quesadillas and Beef Fajitas.  So I went searching for a healthier tortilla.

Typical basic 7″ white flour tortillas are in the order of 80-100 calories, 1 gram of fiber and 2-4 grams of protein. Health-wise, I would say that is really not that bad.

LaTortilla FactoryYet there is one tortilla that I have found so far that beats the competition: La Tortilla Factory Fibre Rich tortillas. At 70 calories for one tortilla, they lead the competition. At 5 grams of protein, they pull ahead even more. At 8 grams of Fibre, they leave the field very far behind.

Where to get them? In the US they are supposedly distributed nationwide. In Ontario, Canada, I have found them at Sobeys and at local healthfood stores.

LatortillaFactoryDataFrom a taste perspective I find them just as tasty as any other brand. From a healthier eating perspective, as Tony the Tiger would say: “They’re GREAT!” More expensive? About $1 more at the grocery store. For me, my health is worth it!


Just as an aside, when doing Mexican I now make the Black Bean Mango Salsa recipe or a side salad and skip the Mexican rice to cut back on the carbs.



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